First-Rate & Exclusive Coffee Beans.

Specialty coffee represents only 10% of worldwide coffee production. Our Exclusive Micro-Lots belong to less than the 0.5% of this 10%.

 Always Cupping Score above 82 points.

Yes, only la crème de la crème of coffees, the most sublime ones.

 Always Single Origin: Single country + Single state/farm.

We only sell exclusive Micro-Lots of Specialty Coffee from Colombia. Our coffee beans are always single state/farm.

 We respect distinctiveness and identity of coffee.

Every bean we sell has distinctive attributes given by the uniqueness of its coffee varietal & the exclusive terroir where it is grown in Colombia.

Why is this important? More than 1,000 compounds have incidence in coffee’s flavor (In case of wine, these compounds are in the hundreds!)

 Never ever blends.

Like wine, coffee’s flavor is reflective of its terroir, varietal, and the care and effort with which is cultivated, harvested, and processed. That’s why in our coffee boutique you will never find a blend.

 100% traceability from seed to cup.

Our coffee beans are sourced from single plots of land within our carefully selected coffee farms and states in Colombia. We only buy from coffee producers. No intermediaries, middleman or traders. We are de-commoditizing coffee.

 We sell quality not quantity.

Selectively hand-picked at the right moment and processed on small scale, our coffee beans are available in limited quantities and numbered coffee bags per Micro-Lot.


We will spoil you. We promise.